Dentist And Her Nurse Milk And Humiliate Boy’s Small Dick

A routine visit to the dentists for a check up takes a strange turn when the female dentist and her nurse notice how small Jon is all over. His fingers, hands, feet are all small and they can’t help but ask him if his willy is small as well. Jon is taken aback but decides to prove them wrong and that his penis is in fact quite large. He pulls down his jeans and boxer shorts and the ladies cry out in shock when they see his small dick. “I have slugs in my garden larger than that,” says the first girl as the two girls giggle and joke at the poor man’s expense. They begin stroking it to see if it will get any bigger but they aren’t impressed. Jon eventually tries to impress them by telling them how much he ejaculates but when he spunks out one little puddle the ladies fall about laughing and humiliate him even more.

Size is important and ladies want their cocks massive. If you have a small willy then get ready to be mocked and humiliated because if you’re not a well-endowed hunk you are nothing to them. Click here to watch more of Hey Little Dick’s films.