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Cold Water Shrivelling Or Simply A Little Dick – These Ladies Think The Latter!

Three babes are chatting about dick size and the point that they don’t believe there are really any very tiny ones in the world. Just then Bob enters having had a swim and the ladies realize that he hasn’t got much of a bulge at the front of his shorts. They ask him if it was cold in the water and giggle and then decide to find out if Bob has a small cock. They start pulling his shorts down and quickly come face to face with their first little [penis|cock|willy|dick]]. The opening shock quickly gives way to jokes and the girls quickly fetch a tape measure so they can see exactly how little it is. When it only reaches a couple of inches on the ruler they wonder whether it grows any bigger and start wanking it. They strip off and let him see their sexy young bodies to give him some incentive but the worthless willy doesn’t become any bigger and the women tease him before sending him packing!

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Bartender Michel is chatting to three ladies when the well known “Mr Big” arrives. He decides to join the girls who become fascinated in why his nickname is Mr Big. Ignoring his response they feel his crotch expecting to find a huge cock – instead they can’t feel anything! The women all have a grope of his crotch and decide to spread a rumour that Mr Big is actually Mr Small. To stop them from doing this he offers them money but they wish to see him naked first to find out how small it is. When they have him undressed they are in shock at how minute his penis is and they grab a tape measure from their handbag to measure it with. As the three ladies taunt and giggle at him, he starts to get turned on and as Jess pulls up her skirt and reveals her ass and then Hannah flashes him her breasts, he shoots all over his leg while they laugh and wonder if that’s all he’s got!

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Tanya is relaxing on the sofa with her latest man Dave when he questions her about how he measures up to her other boyfriends. His dick is really tiny but to save his feelings she tells him he is wonderful. Unfortunately this gets him all excited and he starts licking her pussy. She is so unexcited by his rubbish skills that she checks the time as he is eating her out and she only gets some respite when friend Krystal walks in. Krystal is amazed that Tanya is still going out with him and sniggers when she sets eyes on his baby willy. Dave corrects Krystal that he is apparently a fantastic fuck but as he tries to screw Tanya with his baby cock, the [babes|bitches|hotties|women|ladies|girls]] are too busy sniggering to take him seriously. They each have a go to masturbate his cock to make it hard enough to have sex with some more but as soon as he is stiff he spunks all over himself. Tanya didn’t get to fuck for long but jokes that she wouldn’t have got any pleasure out of it anyway!

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Three girls are sifting through some photos of men for their upcoming porn scene. They are fed up with baby willies and the men in the pictures all have huge willies. When production assistant Doug comes in he scoffs at the screenshots and says how sad he feels for them – “I am much larger than them” he says confidently. The models decide to check if he is lying and begin taking his clothes off despite his protests – only to uncover he is wearing women’s frilly panties! After the initial shock and much laughter, the girls pull the underwear down and are astounded at how baby Doug’s cock is! How could he show off about this 3 inch weener? The girls lay into him harshly for wasting their time and humiliate his small penis by comparing the big cock pictures next to it and laughing. They start masturbating it and embarrass him about how it is getting stiffer but not bigger. They tease him for never having been with a girl and call him a pathetic wanker but this seems to arouse him and he soon explodes all over Jessica’s hands!

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Three women are chilling out at home when a curious package is delivered. The bitchy ladies decide it has to be for housemate Andy but agree to unwrap it anyway. As they look inside they are amazed to unwrap a penis pump and immediately discuss if he has a tiny cock. When Andy comes home the babes make fun of him but he pleads innocent and boasts he has a large dickand the delivery must be for someone else. The ladies decide to undress him and examine just how large he is but as his pants come off they are extremely unimpressed and can’t stop sniggering. They each have a go to jerk his penis to investigate if it grows any larger and even start giving him a blowjob to try to get it to grow. The babes find his baby penis highly amusing and tease him mercilessly. Andy clearly gets off on this and has a big explosion that shoots high into the air. “He has a large load but a baby willy – what is the point of that?” they joke.

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Francesca is trying on her wedding dress before the big day with her two bridesmaids, Wendy and Lucy. She confides in them that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and as a result hasn’t seen the size of her future husband’s willy. At that moment he comes home and the women decide to seize the opportunity and check him out. They ask him about his size and he becomes very shy so they just start tug his pants forward and peer inside, Francesca gets a terrible fright – his dick is very small! She is horrified and then erupts into laughter as do the other ladies. They undress him and study the useless penis. They take turns to stroke it to see if it will get any bigger. Francesca warns him that he had better be a “grower” or their nuptials are off so the unlucky man desperately attempts to get his dick as stiff as he can but when it is only about 4 inches long he suddenly starts to jizz and the women realize that is as large as he gets. Francesca declares that the wedding is off and leaves in search of a real man.

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Tanya is chatting to her friend Krystal about how she has never had any experience of a tiny dick in real life. Unknown to her Krystal’s boyfriend is very minute and she offes to show Tanyalet Tanya take a look when he comes back from the shops. As he enters, the two girls pounce on him and make him reluctantly take his clothes off as they watch. When his boxer shorts drop to the floor Tanya is stunned by howlittle his dick is and says, “is that it?” before bursting out laughing. She observes Krystal stroke his dick with two fingers and then herself. She laughs at how her wrist overshadows his cock and teases him by comparing his size to her boyfriend who is hung like a elephant. “It takes big long strokes to wank my boyfriend’s cock, not like this little thing!” she laughs at him. The abuse appears to turn on this pathetic loser though and he has a gigantic ejaculation that hits Krystal’s blouse and his own stomach. The women agree that at least he ejaculates a lot but they still wouldn’t fuck him as his willy is too tiny to feel anything.

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Headmaster Mike is very worried about Tammie, Loz and Jessica’s grades so he calls them into his office and informs them they must study more and stop hanging round boys so much. The women take offence to this and accuse him of having a baby penis. They pull out a ruler but he arrogantly says it’s not big enough – so the girls pounce on him and begin taking his clothes off to find out. As his clothes come off they are surprised at how little his bulge is – and when they pull down his underwear they burst out giggling when they set eyes on his tiny penis. Tammie examines it with the ruler and then wraps his tie around the little dick, attempting to pull it to make it larger. The girls start playing with it to see if it becomes any larger and even show him their boobs to get him excited. It becomes harder but not a lot larger and he soon ejaculates all over the place. The bitchy girls then pull their phones out and take photos of his baby jizz-covered cock before walking out laughing with their blackmail photos for the rest of the term.

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Jess is explaining to friends Amanda and Vivian that she has not had sex with her new boyfriend yet because she recently felt the front of his trousers and there didn’t seem to be a lot there. When he walks in the women confront him about it but he begins gloating about how enormous his cock is. Jess asks him to reveal it to them but he refuses and says he doesn’t want to or her friends will get jealous of her. After boasting about his size, the ladies are very keen to see but when he finally pulls down his trousers all it shows is the smallest willy they have ever seen! It looks like it’s only about an inch long and the ladies laugh at him and ask if it gets any bigger. They pull him on the sofa and carry on giggling and humiliating him about the size of his little dick. He is surprised that they aren’t in awe of his cock and as they stroke it he grows to two inches and the women joke even more that this is full size. With the three of them wanking his penis he soon shoots but Jess immediately dumps him and orders him out of the apartment! “We don’t date small willies here,” say the girls.

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Nikita always chosses the wrong guy so her mates tell her to see how it goes with an older guy. After dinner with Ron they go back to her place and she undresses ready to fuck his brains out. The older guy takes his clothes off without her seeing his cock and then begins licking her cunt. He then slips his cock inside her and starts pounding back and forth. Nikita gives him a confused look and asks what he is doing and he says “screwing you, of course”. She erupts into a giggling fit as she didn’t even realise he cries out to her friends and when she explains that Ron has a small cock they make him pull out so they can all take a close inspection. Nikita still attempts to have sex with him in other positions but it doesn’t work – even flicking through a book in one position because she couldn’t feel anything. When he pulls out and erupts all over the place, Nikita breaks it to him that she could never go out with such a tiny penis wanker.

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“Your Willy Looks More Like A Pussy!” – Women Humiliate Tiny Dick Loser

Krystal has been out for dinner with “big Bob” but when they get back to her house and she strips off ready for sex, he asks her to turn the lights off. She refuses and as he takes his clothes off she sees how chubby he is and that his man boobs are bigger than hers! Even more worrying is when he is completely naked and she realizes his penis is incredibly small! She calls out to Syren and Axa and they are in shock about how minute it is as well. They tease the man for being overweight and tease him that he probably can’t look at his own dick without a mirror. “You’ve got a large belly but nothing else is large” they taunt him. They liken it to a pussy and tell him they have never seen anything so pathetic. The humiliated Bob has to put up with all three girls tearing him to pieces and when they begin jerking his cock and flashing him their breasts to see if it can grow, he can’t control himself any longer and ejaculates a sad cum load, making them giggle even more!

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Woman Gives Tiny Willy A Blowjob While Her Stunning Mate Watches And Laughs

When Laura arrives home she discovers their lodger Tony playing with himself over Kaicee while she is asleep in bed. Kaicee is horrified when she wakes up and the two ladies use his own belt to tie him to the bed so they can take a closer look at his puny little willy. Their anger turns to giggling as they see how small his penis is. Laura fetches a tape measure and it reads just two inches. They begin to milk it to see if it will grow any larger and Kaicee even puts it in her mouth but it only grows a little. As the women use only two fingers to milk his cock, they ask him if he had an accident at work to have such a tiny dick. Their fits of laughter and verbal abuse seems to turn him on though and as they take turns to masturbate his little dick, he jizzes all over the bed sheets, making the ladies laugh even more at how little cum his pathetic willy created.

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