Three Girls Tease Man When They Can’t Feel His Willy While Fucking

Nikita always chosses the wrong guy so her mates tell her to see how it goes with an older guy. After dinner with Ron they go back to her place and she undresses ready to fuck his brains out. The older guy takes his clothes off without her seeing his cock and then begins licking her cunt. He then slips his cock inside her and starts pounding back and forth. Nikita gives him a confused look and asks what he is doing and he says “screwing you, of course”. She erupts into a giggling fit as she didn’t even realise he cries out to her friends and when she explains that Ron has a small cock they make him pull out so they can all take a close inspection. Nikita still attempts to have sex with him in other positions but it doesn’t work – even flicking through a book in one position because she couldn’t feel anything. When he pulls out and erupts all over the place, Nikita breaks it to him that she could never go out with such a tiny penis wanker.

How embarrassing! To be having sex and the lady to question what you are doing as she can’t even feel anything! This sad wanker has such a small willy that gorgeous Nikita had to get rid of him. The ladies at Hey Little Dick get off on humiliating baby cock losers – you look like one yourself so get over there now so we can poke fun at your small weener!

“Your Willy Looks More Like A Pussy!” – Women Humiliate Tiny Dick Loser

Krystal has been out for dinner with “big Bob” but when they get back to her house and she strips off ready for sex, he asks her to turn the lights off. She refuses and as he takes his clothes off she sees how chubby he is and that his man boobs are bigger than hers! Even more worrying is when he is completely naked and she realizes his penis is incredibly small! She calls out to Syren and Axa and they are in shock about how minute it is as well. They tease the man for being overweight and tease him that he probably can’t look at his own dick without a mirror. “You’ve got a large belly but nothing else is large” they taunt him. They liken it to a pussy and tell him they have never seen anything so pathetic. The humiliated Bob has to put up with all three girls tearing him to pieces and when they begin jerking his cock and flashing him their breasts to see if it can grow, he can’t control himself any longer and ejaculates a sad cum load, making them giggle even more!

This fat fucker was lucky to pull gorgeous Krystal in the first place thanks to showing off with his money, but he was never going to hold onto her when she saw his laughable penis. If you love seeing groups of stunning ladies belittle guys with little dicks, click here for more from Hey Little Dick.