Male Dancer Only Makes The Girls Giggle When He Undresses

It’s Krystal’s birthday and her mate Donna has booked a male stripper to drop by and give them some fun. Krystal is hoping for a gym-toned big-cocked guy but when he arrives and starts undressing she is very let down and says her little brother has bigger muscles.
The guy still undresses and the girls burst out laughing when they see the size of his little penis. Neither of them have seen one so small in their lives and start prodding it and asking him whether he is ashamed of his cock. The stripper says it grows much larger but the girls doubt it and flash their tits and play with his dick to see if it’s true but as he reached his useless full size and then ejaculates a small puddle of spunk, the girls giggle and abuse him more than ever.

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Three Women Burst Out Laughing At Fireman’s Tiny Hose

Sally is having a meeting with two colleagues when they are interrupted by the neighbourhood fireman turning up to check their extinguisher. He says it is below par and needs taking care of but he then makes a few smart ass jokes which makes the women curious what he has to be so confident about. They wonder if it is true about firefighters and the large size of their “hoses”. Unfortunately when they start taking his clothes off they sneak a look inside his underwear and see a small cock. Sally jokes that he won’t put much out with that small thing and soon all three women are laughing and making fun of the man’s tiny penis. They start stroking his dick but laugh at how they wouldn’t even tiny willy, giggling and abusing him all the time and when Red shows him her tits he suddenly starts ejaculating on the floor – “is that it?” they ask him in fits of laughter.

He was a big man but he had a tiny dick in his pants and these ladies were very let down. Whichever person said “size doesn’t matter” was telling lies – all ladies want massive penises so if you don’t measure up they are going to humiliate you. Click here to see more baby cock wankers getting abused like this.