Male Dancer Only Makes The Girls Giggle When He Undresses

It’s Krystal’s birthday and her mate Donna has booked a male stripper to drop by and give them some fun. Krystal is hoping for a gym-toned big-cocked guy but when he arrives and starts undressing she is very let down and says her little brother has bigger muscles.
The guy still undresses and the girls burst out laughing when they see the size of his little penis. Neither of them have seen one so small in their lives and start prodding it and asking him whether he is ashamed of his cock. The stripper says it grows much larger but the girls doubt it and flash their tits and play with his dick to see if it’s true but as he reached his useless full size and then ejaculates a small puddle of spunk, the girls giggle and abuse him more than ever.

You need a big penis to be a stripper – don’t you dare get your dick out in front of these women unless it is VERY large. Otherwise they will rip you to pieces like this guy. If you enjoy seeing women humiliating little penis losers, then click here for more from Hey Little Dick.

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