Bride Discovers Fiancee’s Penis Before Big Day And Is Very Unimpressed

Francesca is trying on her wedding dress before the big day with her two bridesmaids, Wendy and Lucy. She confides in them that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and as a result hasn’t seen the size of her future husband’s willy. At that moment he comes home and the women decide to seize the opportunity and check him out. They ask him about his size and he becomes very shy so they just start tug his pants forward and peer inside, Francesca gets a terrible fright – his dick is very small! She is horrified and then erupts into laughter as do the other ladies. They undress him and study the useless penis. They take turns to stroke it to see if it will get any bigger. Francesca warns him that he had better be a “grower” or their nuptials are off so the unlucky man desperately attempts to get his dick as stiff as he can but when it is only about 4 inches long he suddenly starts to jizz and the women realize that is as large as he gets. Francesca declares that the wedding is off and leaves in search of a real man.

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Sexy Girl Compares Tiny Dick Loser With Her Well Hung Boyfriend

Tanya is chatting to her friend Krystal about how she has never had any experience of a tiny dick in real life. Unknown to her Krystal’s boyfriend is very minute and she offes to show Tanyalet Tanya take a look when he comes back from the shops. As he enters, the two girls pounce on him and make him reluctantly take his clothes off as they watch. When his boxer shorts drop to the floor Tanya is stunned by howlittle his dick is and says, “is that it?” before bursting out laughing. She observes Krystal stroke his dick with two fingers and then herself. She laughs at how her wrist overshadows his cock and teases him by comparing his size to her boyfriend who is hung like a elephant. “It takes big long strokes to wank my boyfriend’s cock, not like this little thing!” she laughs at him. The abuse appears to turn on this pathetic loser though and he has a gigantic ejaculation that hits Krystal’s blouse and his own stomach. The women agree that at least he ejaculates a lot but they still wouldn’t fuck him as his willy is too tiny to feel anything.

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