Office Workers Humiliate Male Friend For Having a Small Dick

Office girls Kate and Kaicee catch a male colleague printing off a spam e-mail about tablets to make your cock bigger. He tells them they aren’t for him and he was just looking into it for a friend but they then see that he has written the phone number down so he can ring them later. The women tell him not to be so concerned and that he can confide in them. They promise not to laugh if he shows them his dick but when he drops his trousers there is a brief silence before both secretaries burst out laughing. Kate says she doesn’t believe it is real and thinks he has put a joke dick down his trousers and Kaicee says she has heard of inverted nipples but never inverted cocks. As the two women continue to giggle and tease him they get the ruler out and measure just how small it is. They start jerking him to see if it will get any bigger and although the size doesn’t impress them, they are quite amazed at how much spunk eventually comes out.

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Boyfriend’s Dick Is Too Little So His Woman Chucks Him

Two hotties are at home discussing a new boyfriend. Emma asks how huge his cock is and Krystal boasts that her new guy is huge. When Emma replies that she is really looking forward to meeting him Krystal lies that he has gone away and she won’t have the chance to meet him – just as he walks in! Emma challenges him about his penis size and soon has him taking his clothes off in front of them. As his underwear comes off, Emma sees that he has a really little willy and calls Krystal a liar. Krystal takes her shame out on her boyfriend and starts to humiliate him saying she only stays with him for his cash – definitely not for his useless cock. The girls start jerking his baby willy to see how big they can make it but they spend more time laughing than being impressed. The poor guy is embarrassed but clearly enjoys it and soon starts to ejaculate!

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Three Girls Laugh At The Small Soldier In His Pants

When Ron arrives for his physical to get in the army he is shocked that it is being dealt with by three ladies. He didn’t realise he was to be doing physical exercises so didn’t bring his work-out gear so the three girls make him take all his clothes off ready for the physical. But, when they yank his pants down and see how small his penis is the women are too busy giggling and teasing to carry out the examination. They all start staring closer at this small dick and poke it, asking him if it is his “little soldier”. They make him sit down and Sasha grabs him in a head lock so he can’t move. The other women then start jerking his cock to see if the pathetic penis can get any bigger. The unlucky guy starts to get excited and asks them to stop because he thinks it is “conduct unbecoming of an officer” but the women want to see how much jizz this small cock produces and they soon get their wish!

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Two Ladies Humiliate Man When His Dick Is Too Small For A Condom

Ron has answered an advert in the newspaper for a male model but when he arrives he is interviewed by two women about a condom campaign! They want to know all about his cock and eventually persuade them to show it to them. As he unzipz his trousers and lets them peek inside the girls suddenly burst out laughing and start naming his dick a small worm. Red says she will need stronger spectacles to be able to see it as it’s so small and she gives her colleague a magnifying glass so she can get a closer look at the little dick. Ron is quite shocked at their teasing because he thought he was a decent size but the girls’ continuous laughter, jokes and verbal abuse make him think otherwise. They start to stroke it with two fingers to see if it gets any bigger and when old-timer Ron starts saying sorry they know he is about to jizz all over the place, but his “eruption” only makes them laugh even more!

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