Three Girls Laugh At The Small Soldier In His Pants

When Ron arrives for his physical to get in the army he is shocked that it is being dealt with by three ladies. He didn’t realise he was to be doing physical exercises so didn’t bring his work-out gear so the three girls make him take all his clothes off ready for the physical. But, when they yank his pants down and see how small his penis is the women are too busy giggling and teasing to carry out the examination. They all start staring closer at this small dick and poke it, asking him if it is his “little soldier”. They make him sit down and Sasha grabs him in a head lock so he can’t move. The other women then start jerking his cock to see if the pathetic penis can get any bigger. The unlucky guy starts to get excited and asks them to stop because he thinks it is “conduct unbecoming of an officer” but the women want to see how much jizz this small cock produces and they soon get their wish!

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