Women Compare Baby Penis Guy To Well Hung Pornstars And Humiliate Him

Three girls are sifting through some photos of men for their upcoming porn scene. They are fed up with baby willies and the men in the pictures all have huge willies. When production assistant Doug comes in he scoffs at the screenshots and says how sad he feels for them – “I am much larger than them” he says confidently. The models decide to check if he is lying and begin taking his clothes off despite his protests – only to uncover he is wearing women’s frilly panties! After the initial shock and much laughter, the girls pull the underwear down and are astounded at how baby Doug’s cock is! How could he show off about this 3 inch weener? The girls lay into him harshly for wasting their time and humiliate his small penis by comparing the big cock pictures next to it and laughing. They start masturbating it and embarrass him about how it is getting stiffer but not bigger. They tease him for never having been with a girl and call him a pathetic wanker but this seems to arouse him and he soon explodes all over Jessica’s hands!

Don’t be too sure of yourself or the women might ask you to back it up – and if you are found wanting like this man they will tear you to shreds. Girls like giant dicks, not the worthless few inches you are packing in your trousers. When girls don’t get what they want they become mean so get your ass over to Hey Little Dick now to see lots more sexy girls ridiculing guys with tiny penises.

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