Three Female Doctors Abuse Tiny Willy Patient As They Attempt To Bang Him

David goes to the hospital for a check up but nurse Loz is shocked how small his will is so she fetches nurses Tammie and Jessica for a second opinion. When they spot his baby dick they can’t stop giggling as well. The unfortunate man is then subjected to humiliation and ridicule from the ladies who have never set eyes on anything so minute. They wonder if it even performs properly and David cockily tells them he is great at sex. Nurse Loz decides to test this out and pulls down her knickers and jumps on top of his dick. As he starts thrusting vertically she has to check with the other girls if it is even inside her cunt! She then informs him that if he wants children one day he would be better off fostering as she can’t see him ever correctly impregnating a girl. She then assumes the doggie position and Tammie and Jessica humiliate him while attempting to thrust his cock in and out of Loz’s cunt. The girls can’t stop laughing and really find it amusing when he spunks all over Loz’s bare ass. “Well the earth really moved there,” says Loz sarcastically and the nurses leave chuckling their heads off.

Just because they are in the medical profession doesn’t mean these girls won’t humiliate you for having a tiny willy! This unfortunate man was shocked when the female doctors fell about in amusement at his worthless willy. He couldn’t believe his luck when he got to fuck one of them but they couldnt even feel his baby willy and he soon exploded all over the poor nurse who hadn’t had any satisfaction at all. Click here to see more scenes like this from Hey Little Dick.

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