Boyfriend’s Dick Is Too Little So His Woman Chucks Him

Two hotties are at home discussing a new boyfriend. Emma asks how huge his cock is and Krystal boasts that her new guy is huge. When Emma replies that she is really looking forward to meeting him Krystal lies that he has gone away and she won’t have the chance to meet him – just as he walks in! Emma challenges him about his penis size and soon has him taking his clothes off in front of them. As his underwear comes off, Emma sees that he has a really little willy and calls Krystal a liar. Krystal takes her shame out on her boyfriend and starts to humiliate him saying she only stays with him for his cash – definitely not for his useless cock. The girls start jerking his baby willy to see how big they can make it but they spend more time laughing than being impressed. The poor guy is embarrassed but clearly enjoys it and soon starts to ejaculate!

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