Cold Water Shrivelling Or Simply A Little Dick – These Ladies Think The Latter!

Three babes are chatting about dick size and the point that they don’t believe there are really any very tiny ones in the world. Just then Bob enters having had a swim and the ladies realize that he hasn’t got much of a bulge at the front of his shorts. They ask him if it was cold in the water and giggle and then decide to find out if Bob has a small cock. They start pulling his shorts down and quickly come face to face with their first little [penis|cock|willy|dick]]. The opening shock quickly gives way to jokes and the girls quickly fetch a tape measure so they can see exactly how little it is. When it only reaches a couple of inches on the ruler they wonder whether it grows any bigger and start wanking it. They strip off and let him see their sexy young bodies to give him some incentive but the worthless willy doesn’t become any bigger and the women tease him before sending him packing!

Can there be a larger humiliation than having three sexy babes laughing at the useless size of your penis? Being tormented by beautiful ladies about how your dick is too small to screw is so humiliating – but if you are one of these sad losers with a little cock click here to see guys like you being humiliated by sexy women!

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